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that it will not impair the development, but yet, still allow the port to have a revenue stream until all of the lease area is acquired by forest city. >> yeah, i understand that, with as the forest city is going to be ongoing there for ten years. and but, the other part of that paragraph is that it is essentially saying that when they move or have to move, they will get a space somewhere on the port. somewhere on the port property or in other words, they are guaranteed a space. >> they are not guaranteed. >> they are saying that we will look for the available space and there is i think that there is probably aware that there is a lot of space in the back land, whether it will be acceptable to the tenant and we doebt know what forest city is going to take to us as far as any reconfiguration. well. don't you think that this lease could be wrapped up without having this paragraph in there? i mean what i am thinking is that, they are in the lease, now. and they are using this paragraph as a negotiating tool to drag on and signing the lease. >> yeah. this will continue, this is in that lease, that gives t
. >> all right, any request of approval of two leases between the port, as landlord, and affordable self storage, inc., a california corporation, as tenant for locations within seawall lot 349 (pier 70) in the southern waterfront: (i) lease no. l-15690, for a mini-storage facility, comprising approximately 74,742 square feet of paved land (resolution no. 13-45); and (ii) lease no. l-15691, for vehicle parking and self-storage containers, comprising approximately 144,818 square feet of paved land, subject to approval by the board of supervisors. (resolution no. 13-46). >> good afternoon, president ho and commissioners i'm with the port real estate division. and the item before you, contains two new ground leases with the affordable self-storage inc located on sea wall lot 349 in the pier 70 development project area. both leases require approval by the board of supervisors and in accordance with charter section, 9.118 due to anticipated lease revenues in access of 1 million dollars each. and i would like to give you a brief summary of some of the terms and conditions of each lease. >> leas
and altogether, the port is required to pay, and to decide for that appraiser, and the increment and costs of putting that public, and parking garage, in the project. an, allocation and that is allocated to the parking garage and it is sticking out from the housing and of course, the cost of getting approval from the state and commission, since that is our area. >> the proposed mlu, very quickly, determines that we are hoping that we are proposing to be included in the mlu. that the belief, or the term for that mlu will be for a period of three years, the three years, is on the rationale that is going to take roughly about a year for the housing office to be able to issue the rfp because of the work load in their pipeline that they are dealing with. and a lot of projects at this point. and usually take between two to three years to get entitlement and good for the upper fro ses and so we thought that three years will be ideal and during that three period year there is going to be a schedule of benchmarks by the selector and developer will need to meet like getting their design done and goi
mean is corine woods and i have worked on the water front project for years and i know that the port and you can't say publicly how important the washington street project is. but i urge, every san francisco voter to read the ballot, read the statements, and please, vote for the washington project, thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commission, james bryant with i have to make sure that which organization that i am with today. and i just want to come here today to let you all know that the process for the upcoming eco center is well and alive and that the organizations have been talking and that i hope that we can come to a happy resolution as far as trying to put teams together but i want to make sure that the commission understanding my feeling about this and that means we must, in the end, have representation for the community, that is in and from this community that the eco center sits in and i want to thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is jackie flinn and i am the director of the institute in san francisco and i am here to ext
. [laughter] >> and diane is now deputy director for planning -- waterfront planning at the port. so she knows what's happening now and a lot of the history. and chris verplank san architectural historian who knows a whole lot of history about the waterfront. he and i drove some portions of it the other day and took some slides we're going to used to as our spring board for discussion. we invite you all just to share your questions. we'll give you the microphone and speak into the microphone. i thought what we could do is start by taking a look at a few pictures of what san francisco looked like historically so we have some reference to compare the waterfront over the years. san francisco started as a port city. that's why we're here. this was an ideal place for people to establish a footholdin the new california. and the ferry building has long come to be considered through the symbol of san francisco's waterfront. and it's still there. after a major renovation, and we're going to get to that in a minute. here is the ferry building from an old postcard. what do we get the date to be on here?
of the grant, funds, and the city, through the port, will enter into a grant agreement with spur, and will compensate spur for $30,000 for the project management services. >> this chart shows the city's contributions and you can see the port of san francisco, and it will propose and contribute, $25,000, also partnering with the public utility commissions and also 25,000, and the planning department, 20 and the department of public works, 20,000 and the city administrator's office, $20,000. and this combined with the grant awarded 80 has a total project budget of 190,000, and 160, will be for the engineering and the evaluation study and 30 will be for spur for the project management, and it is a really nice showing that all city departments have confirmed their contribution and are contributing to this effort. and with your approval today, we expect to execute the grant and have the study completed by mid 2014. >> so we are asking for your approval to enter into a grant with spur, and we believe that this is an excellent effort that will help us move along and what is a very big p
plans and ideas to benefit the port, recreation, housing, open space, and it is environmentally compatible to the new cruise terminal and exploretorimu., it benefits those who live in the neighborhood but really opens up the water front to all parts of the city and those who visit our san francisco. and the a&d water front vision shows a sense of place, creating more people, space and i might point out that it was not an a&d plan but that wonderful children's playground in the park is an example of people, and vision. the water front vision plan is an integrated hall and now is the time to begin the dialogue with you and your port staff and we come with an open mind, changes may be muted to fit the present and an honest discussion, must again, the vision planner is a great starting point, and if i have time i would like to read td conclusions from the plan. >> strengthen the traffic and and the diverse water front and it enhances and preserves the community recreation opportunity and creates a politically and economically feasible plan that balances public use and revenues gener
and above that required deposit. and typically it has been the practice for the port to ask for major improvements to a leasehold area where the ten apartment is getting a longer term agreement than in this case.. >> there are two leases, l15, 690 and 58 months and up to 5, 12-month extensions. >> is that like ten years >> the other lease is, 31 months. >> okay. >> and it is also, about the board of supervisors right? and it has approved, and the bonus..., and i am not legislative drafted and so when we get the, you know the approval here, we will forward the legislation to the board. >> and i am just the word to the question, and i just put it out for the record and normally, when you need to grant an extension, we will not be precommitting to the rent, and in this case, i think that we just want to note that in order, i think that it is, a little bit of an incentive for them, in terms of when they do need to move, or they are not going to move, and they know what the rate is in advance, which is not normal port policy, and we will be usually at the end of the lease and take it up to
. and this is available on the port's website with the staff report and the commission has it in its report as well. and a lot of what we have been doing on the city staff time is organizize ourselves across the city departments and into the teams that are going to be tackling the different components that sarah described. and is sarah is going to be leading the group that will be looking at sequa and the land use and working with the staff on those issues and david is going to play a significant role in the continued planning work. and the port is going to be focused on the dda and the financial plan to fund all of the infrastructure and steven wheel on the port staff is going to be working very closely with the forest city engineers to develop that infrastructure plan and coordinate with the other city departments like the san francisco public utilities commission and the department of public works. so, we are trying to get an interdisciplinary team from across the city to really focus on how we build this new neighborhood. and so that, and in closing. i mentioned the exclusive negotiating agree
port elizabeth at once. three days. i was a very unhappy man, nowetu. i couldn't stay with zola because if the headman found me there again, my troubles would be bigger. so zola sent me to a friend of his called buntu and asked him if i could stay with him until i decided what to do. i am buntu. sizwe bansi. sit down, sizwe bansi. i've been expecting you. i met zola in town. he explained to me you need a place to stay until saturday when you go back to king william's town. you can stay with me. well, as you see, this is a two-roomed house. perch yourself in that corner there. i'll be in this other room. i'm not staying with my wife at the moment. she's a domestic servant in town. she helps to sleep with a white madam. jeez, it's a bloody hot day today, eh? what is your trouble, actually? i've got no permit to stay in port elizabeth. where do you have permit to be? in king william's town. how did they find out? - as you know-- - yeah. - i was staying with zola-- - mm-hmm. --and i was very happy at zola's place until one night as i was sleeping on the floor, i heard some noises. then ther
from now he will be speaking at the port of new orleans. can he shift the focus from the government shutdown and rocky health care rollout and gain momentum on his economic message. again, we're going to take you there live. >> good friday to you. i'm peter alexander. again today from my friend andrea mitchell, president obama going on the record in an nbc exclusive with an apology and empathy for americans kicked off their health care plans due to obama care requirements. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd pressed the president on the comment that has him in political hot water. if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. >> do you feel like you owe these folks an apology for misleading them, even if you didn't intentionally do it, they feel misled. you've seen the anger that's out there. >> i regret very much that what we intended to do was just to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them as opposed to because they are forced into it. we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes taking place. i want to do eve
david chu and san francisco port executive director monique mirror (clapping) and our president and ceo paul guests the tall guy in the back. i'm sorry and sprifrp kim. there should say right there thank you >> so the building our standing in was built in 1938 as a transit shed and it's been used for many things for many defy types of folks. wire super proud to have our ribbon cutting. some of you have had a tour and you'll be able to see all the wonderful things. a little bit about some of the things we did if develop this space is it was very important that we use green building design standards. so in all of our construction of the project and so many of the things the lighting for example, the heating and cooling systems all done with lead compliant standards and then in the near future we'll be using solar on the roof and generating such as 75 percent of our power requirements here. so very green approach to the space. so this is the home of our consumer product groups headed up by this lady and as well as our advanced research groups that's doing bioresearch. so i think without f
operator, and that, operator is not, you know, the port has no knowledge of who that is, and some of the scenarios that you all described as being, to obviously creating problems and it could happen. but, then it becomes the lbe, you know, we are depending upon the lbe to perform and so we have to have something that insures that the lbe can perform. >> maybe the term would be using something along the lines of a joint venture of these lots and they can determine which spaces or how that works but at least have some sort of joint venture, scenario rather than just an out right, you know, otherwise, the operation is just taking a fee off of the top. >> well, our idea was that we would actually have and it is outlined in number one, the bidder must be engaged in the business and operating public parking lots. >> this could be, but it does not mean that it prevents them from taking a fee off of the top and subleasing it out to somebody else. >> does that work for you jay? >> sure. >> as i understand it, we are looking at a floor as well as a minimum financial qualifications for the l
on the port staff is going to be working very closely with the forest city engineers to develop that infrastructure plan and coordinate with the other city departments like the san francisco public utilities commission and the department of public works. so, we are trying to get an interdisciplinary team from across the city to really focus on how we build this new neighborhood. and so that, and in closing. i mentioned the exclusive negotiating agreement earlier. and we do intend to come back to you with a proposal to amend that exclusive negotiating agreement, perhaps as early as the november meeting. and to address a few issues for this phase two, period of time. so that concludes my presentation and sarah and i are available to answer any questions. >> is there any public comment? >> commissioners is there any comment. >> i have a comment i am happy that you get your ppa letter from planning and i like how you are lining up your ducks there, and especially with the other two lots, and they are all going to come under the same environmental review and that is the real smart w
who was late in arriving because of the bart situation, there were two port tenants (inaudible) from the fleet and also, jennifer mats, head of the port water front project was there and i was hoping that she would be here today to add a few words about the trip. the bay area, council, led by mayor juan was also in beijing at the same time as our delegation and so we crossed paths many times and there was just, so many people from the bay area, that time you felt like you were at home, which was wonderful. >> and the trip had a packed schedule, which included a warriors game and i have to say that i was impress with td organization and they brought the inspire organization from china from the owners to the investors to the players and the wives and the cheer girls and the office and the flying dubs, and i was extremely impressed that they brought the entire organization to it be able to be a part of the trip. and (inaudible) participated in the forum at the university along with the mayor lee, and quan and i was happy to hear that when he spoke about the proposed project he not only
to what the port will be providing with the mayor's office of housing, these with the 20 percent including of the housing on site as well as that contemplated. >> yes, the term sheet contemplates that the development will be following all of the city's applicable, affordable housing rules. and the inclusionary number, i believe is 15 percent, where there is public ownership of a site. and the private market, rate is below that at 12 percent. sxh so we are going to be at that 15 percent mark. and there is also a jobs housing linkage fee requirement, for new, commercial, development, and to the presentation, and that is where the fee credits will go, and so we will be able to bring the fee credits either to the water front site or one of these adjacent sites in pier 70 to fulfill that obligation for the sea wall lot, 322-1. >> and then this is probably over my pay grade. but, in terms of some of the proposed affordable self-storage, i guess, and i may not understand, their use for it, but my understanding is that this will be a relatively short term. the lease at the site or what is the cont
association of harbor master and port captains had an awards banquet on october 30th, 3013. and at that awards banquet, the port of san francisco received an award for its efforts to bring the america's cup event to san francisco bay. and in particular, joe rilely was at that event and represented the port and the association of represents public and private marinas throughout the state and they were active in testimony and hearings leading up to the san francisco bay and a number of members at the event were very appreciative of our efforts but also say that the event was one of the key aspects of their career and their involvement in the event and they were thanking the port for bringing health and the event to the san francisco bay. >> the uss pamp anito, as well as it is not on the agenda, but as well as the sf jerimiah, are really two ships at piers 45. and they both, celebrated their 70th birthdays. and we had planned to present plaques to the communities to the representatives of the communities that the communities today and that they might be here and we will make
be allocated as follows, 1200 for port meter replacement, 2800 to replace damaged meters and 1 thousand to be used as a maintenance float, so there will be no expansion of new meters and if that's going to happen, it will be another go-around from the mta to describe how they will implement and with a lot of outreach to the public, so i know we have mr. risken here who may be able toed answer questions we might have, but i feel this resolution answers a lot of concerns people have and should be ready to go, thanks. >> is there a second to that motion? second by supervisor mar. do we have discussion on the amendments? okay, let's have some discussion, supervisor mar? >> thank you, president chiu, i wanted to thank supervisor avalos for working with the mta. i know when it first came to the budget committee, there wasn't that much detail in it, so i think the reduction from 10 thousand to 5 thousand of these new meters is important and designating where they're going to go is really important. i think public space though is a rare and valuable commodity in our city and how we allocate it
with police in front of the port of oakland and it's not over yet. >>> hundreds of flights delayed or canceled on one of the busiest travel days. we're monitoring the east coast storm sparking the airport problems and how it may jeopardize a traditional thanksgiving parade. >>> and a spike in crime on the peninsula. what police are saying is being targeted and how to protect yourself. >>> back up! back up! >> heated exchange in front of the port of oakland this morning as truck drivers try to shut down the port. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. ktvu's claudine wong has been monitoring the situation all morning as arrests were made and one police officer was injured. she joins us live now to explain how long this is expected to last and what protesters are upset about. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. yes, this work stoppage is over rules that truck drive rerbs say will cost them -- drive remembers say will cost them tens of thousands of dollars. if you look in the background, you can see the trucks are making their way into the port. port officials tell me things
of what we thought we would need for the port meters, for maintenance, for repair and replacement, for kind of routine additions as we've done over the years and this was looking back on historical data and then a pretty sizable acknowledged sizable contingency. bringing this number down to 5 thousand will really leave us room primarily only for maintenance, repair and replacement and a reserve for the port and again, these are options to be exercised. if we were to get as we sometimes do very small scale requests for a couple of meters for a commercial establishment, i think we would have room within that 5 thousand going pursuant to the new process that we have outlined and had adopted by the board of directors to accommodate some very small new meter requests, but we certainly wouldn't be able to do anything on the scale of what we originally had proposed, for example, for the northeast mission proposal that we had since significantly changed, so the 5 thousand option would not give us the ability to do anything of that scale or even really a median scale, you know, very, very
will have the latest. >>> many are stopping apt the port of oakland and police are moving in at the port now and why are they out there. arm what they are trying to do is clear this entrance because all of these cars are being stopped from getting in and oakland police are warning them that they have to now they are holding they are own life to make sure these vehicles can get in and at least at this point it is working and now this long line of cars which has been waiting for if the last 20 or 30 minutes or so trying to get in. now only one vehicle as we continue to watch this action and how it will all go down this morning, let me tell you why they are so upset. the port is trying to go green. they want truck drivers to go green or they can't work there more 0 so they wantee missions fees pause this new regulation fees going into. >> affects and protesters are making their way pack through here. i am not sure if they will call in some from from folks here. can you tell us. >> and are you going to get more police in here? >> we will get another squad. >> reporter: are you taking anybody int
of the waterfront up to the port ferry building here. and we've seen quite a lot of development along the ferry building. someone has told me that the bart 2 goes under here. is that right? >> yes. the ferry plaza which is the platform on the bayside of the ferry building is a public plaza, but it also has -- that's where the transbay (speaker not understood) in san francisco. in fact, last november when the voters approved tax increases to support the seismic retrofit of the bart system, the transbay 2 was one of their key focuses right now because it really is so fundamental to the whole system. so we're working with bart now to understand what their approach is for trying to do this and what kind of impacts it has on this area. >> this morning's ferry from tiburon. >> or lark spur. >> that's it, lark spur, the lark spur ferry coming up. and in the ferry building are the marvelous shops. this is food heaven in the ferry building. so the pilot boats go out and get stationed outside of golden gate, and meet incoming ships and transfer a pilot aboard who pilots the vessel into the bay. and these
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,330 (some duplicates have been removed)